Cicaderm is the best ally to protect your skin in all phases of wound healing and wrinkle regeneration.

The cream is formulated with the most powerful natural agents (aloe, gotu kola, rosehip) and epithelial growth factors to preserve healing and ensure an ideal result.



 Fragrance Free

 Dermatologist Tested

 Gluten Free


Before & After (2 Days of Cicaderm)

Before & After (2 Days of Cicaderm)

How To Use Cicaderm

Cicaderm can be used over closed wounds during the phase of healing of damages skin or even wrinkles. Please apply on the closed wound during the healing phase over wrinkles 2 or 3 times per day. Compatible with the use of bandages. Scars may take between 6 months to 2 years to become unnoticeable. Cicaderm shortens these timelines and improves the outcome. 

The Discovery of Cicaderm

After decades in the field of surgery, a national award in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery - Dr. Sergio Morral is considered one of the best plastic surgeons all over the world. After observing and repairing tens of thousands of scars, using hundreds of different products - the vision and formula of Cicaderm was born. 

Key Ingredients

Asian Centenella a wonder of the ayurvedic medicine.

Aloe Vera and the epithelial growth factors, which help the formation of elastine and healthy skin.

Rosehip sourced in Patagonia for epidermal growth factors.


Store in a cool place, once opened use within 24 months.
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