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Mesotherapy The cutaneous injection of different types of substances-medications is known under the term of mesotherapy or mesoplasty. Mesotherapy techniques increase facial skin elasticity, reduce facial erythema, fine wrinkles and…

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Cavitation Cavitation is a revolutionary technology that thanks to low-frequency ultrasonic waves produces microscopic microbubbles, which break the membranes of adipocytes, without damaging the adjacent structures, and respecting the integrity…

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Facial peeling

Facial peeling              The word “peeling” means peeling, changing or moving. Medical peeling is not just a word. It has to be understood as a technique or procedure. Facial peeling…

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Fillers Currently, plastic surgery is opting for cosmetic facial fillers to treat imperfections such as wrinkles, expression lines and others. It is important to understand that cosmetic fillers are not…

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Botox The use of Botulinum toxin or Botox is a wonderful method for the correction of wrinkles in the upper third of the face (periocular, eyebrows, forehead…), achieving the expression…

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Sublabial or sublingual frenulum

Sublabial or sublingual frenulum The sublingual frenulum is a band of fibrous tissue covered by a mucosal membrane that connects the base of the tongue in the midline and is…

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