Dr. Sergio Morral

Dr. Sergio Morral

“Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery is the art of healing self-esteem through medical interventions”

Dr. Sergio Morral holds a Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Vall d’Hebron University Hospital).

He specialized in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at the Miguel Servet University Hospital in Zaragoza, majoring in fields such as Post-surgical Reanimation, Minor Surgery in Primary Care, Neck Surgery, Wound Care, Breast Surgery and Crops.

He graduated from the University of Zaragoza, majoring in Neck Surgery: Marginal Mandibular Branch, Dupuytren’s Disease: Fascia Surgery and Flexor Retinacula of the Hand.

He specialized through external rotations in Reconstructive Surgery of the upper and lower limb (Microsurgery of the Hand) at the Levante Rehabilitation Center, (Dr. Cavadas Medical Foundation) in Valencia, in the Breast Pathology Unit at the Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona and in Aesthetic Surgery at the Planas Clinic in Barcelona, in Plastic Surgery at the Mater Dei Hospital in Belo Horizonte and at the Ivo Pitanguy Clinic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

He takes several courses in order to complete his training such as updates on Blepharoplasty, national courses on Microsurgery, international courses on Perforator flaps,…, among others.

He attends all congresses, conferences and updates performed in Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, Sevilla, Barcelona, Pamplona and Sao Paolo,…, exposing in some of them.

Dr. Sergio Morral works as a plastic surgeon in Barcelona, making hundreds of annual interventions, operating at Policlinica Barcelona, as a plastic surgeon in several private companies, as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at the San Joan de Deu Hospital Martorell – Barcelona, as an aesthetic surgeon at the Quiron Clinic: Health Waiting List Breast Reduction, and as a plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon in special interventions in the Breast Pathology Unit.

Dr. Sergio Morral is currently considered one of the leading plastic surgeons in the country, always highlighting the human relationship with the patient as well as the confidentiality and humility, always getting brilliant results in all his interventions, which places him on top of the surgery worldwide.