Otoplasty is a surgical procedure in which ear deformities are solved; they may vary a lot from the complete absence of the ear to a remarkable projection of the same by the absence of the antehelix or helix.

Otoplasty is the most common surgical procedure for protruding ears (separated, prominent, protruding, ear pinning). In traditional methods, the surgeon makes an incision behind the ear to expose and reshape the cartilage. At present, there are new techniques for otoplasty without incisions, and permanent sutures are simply placed behind the ear under the skin to help maintain the new shape of the ear in its place.

This surgical procedure improves patient’s self-esteem. In cases of microtia, the reconstruction of small or absent ears is sometimes necessary, and plastic surgery offers many alternatives. The reconstruction usually consists of a four-stroke surgical intervention that aims at reshaping the ear over a period of two years, after a major surgical craftsmanship.



TYPE OF ANESTHESIA: Local / General (depending on grade)

AVERAGE SURGICAL TIME: 1-3 h (depending on the type of intervention)

AVERAGE HOSPITALIZATION TIME: 0-2 days (depending on the type of intervention)

AVERAGE POST-DISCHARGE RECOVERY TIME: Immediate recovery in less serious cases, 1 week to 2 years in the worst case